7th Royal in Line is Born!

7th Royal in Line! A wonderful Sun Exalted and a Exalted Moon, with a grand Raja Yoga (Well of course he is a prince, Duh) with the Atmakaraka Mars being the Lagna Ascendant Ruler. Aries. Almost all planets in the fixed stars /Nakshatras that are fierce, sharp or cruel. Very Strong KalSarpa yoga.High intelligence at work, though huge issues will surface with Father/Gurus, as 9th Lord is in a parivartana with Ketu and it is in Gandanta and retrograde in the sign of Scorpio and Nakshatra of Jyestha. THe Shraddha Yoga with Ketu & Saturn with parivaratana/exchange with Jupiter will turn out to be a turning point in his life, where things will go better after. Yet Saturn in the 9th will always be felt. A strong Moon, yet it is flavoured with Mars (King of the chart) to form a Rudra yoga. Success after a little pain. Lot of Karma to do with one’s own Self and Career and what is one expected to do versus what one would like to. Perhaps 20 years from now in spite of being a Royal, he may harbour ambitions of a career which involves International trade/business, military relations,, secret espionage, saving and fighting for causes of the underpriviledged. Just Like his Mother. No doubt he will most obviously be the most well-known of all his cousins , as strong Mars and Jupiter aspect in the D9 Lagna as well as the D10 Lagna.


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