Vedic Counsel-Astrological Consultations

Hindu Astrological Chart Consultation 

 Thirty Five Minutes to an Hour Ten Minutes.

Please note the following : Allow at least 5 days to study the chart and nimmitas(signs) etc. Unless you are a returning client.

If you are new to this, please send the following details

1. Date and Time of Birth

2.Location/place of Birth

3.Approximate time of the day if exact time is not available

4. At least one or two important events to you and death of someone significant. If it applies. It helps in rectifying the time .

One Hour – 10 mins in depth consultation on various aspects of your life


20 minutess is 33 Pounds 

An Hour Consultation in depth is 87 £.


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  1. Your Annual Birth Chart or Yearly Chart and What lies Ahead


Tajika System of annual horoscopy employs a chart cast for every year of life based on the solar return (i.e. sun’s return to its natal sidereal position). Many scholars of history and Vedic Studies have held a view that this system is primarily not ‘Vedic Astrology’ and might be a borrowed feature from Yavanas or Tajikas, who interacted with Indian scholars.

By Pandit Sanjay Rath

Varāhamihira started Vikrama Saka, India had been following the Vedic luni-solar calendar for millennia. When Maharshis like Valmiki and Vyasa mentioned the timing of events in epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, they identified events only by the Tithi.

Tithi is your Sun-Moon Angle in your natal chart. Western Astrological Tradition call it for example one was bon on a full moon or gibbous moon. That is exactly what the ancient Vedic Hindus used for marking Birth times. As it was easily identifiable and accurate.For instance, Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated on the Krishna Ashtami Tithi of Sravana month. So, when the Sun is in Sidereal Leo and Moon is in Sidereal Taurus. The angle between them is the tithi Krishna Ashtami. That is when his birth day is celebrated all over the country.

So every year on your Birthday,  around it, maybe a few days before or after or even on the same day, the Sun and the Moon return to the same position as it were in your Natal Chart when you were born. Using this Tithi Pravesh Chakra , we see the transits and make a assessment to the year lying ahead.

Half an Hour is 44 Pounds and for and Hour Consultation in depth is 88 £. Drop me a line if interested in this or
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