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The Biopic I Tonya, on the Life of Tonya Harding the controversial  Olympic Ice Skating Champion, who was the second woman in history to do the triple Axel move. The film is on re-kindling the farce and the tragedy of this Olympic champion being banned from ever taking part.

Olympics is far more about the Human spirit than just being a competitive sport. When it comes to Ice figure skating more than ever , emphasis has been on aesthetics, perception, image and then of course the skill, talent etc. Tthey go hand in hand. The same stereotypical cultural images still hold. By and large , the Olympian sport of figure skating is of women who do epitomise grace and lightness with pastel coloured outfits and music that glides and soothes as much as invigorates at certain intervals. And that is what the Olympics and the American Skating Association were always on the lookout for. Until of course Tonya Harding turned up on the scene age three!

Tonya Harding definitely did not fit that mould, rather was portrayed as the stonewashed-denim ‘bad’ girl from the wrong side of the rink. Indeed she was from the wrong side of everything, not a stable family background with highly abusive and emotionally turbulent Mother, dropped out of school and a smoker.

While her competitor and America’s favourite, Nancy Kerrigan the clean-cut kid with the wholesome backstory and ticking all the right boxes. Harding a smoker, sowing her own outfits, doing her own makeup and hair which was indeed outrageously over the top with gaudy in your face colours. And dancing to heavy metal while Nancy was more ‘sophisticated’ and subtle and with the correct attitude and family setup.

Nancy Kerrigan was attacked  as she finished training. Harding’s ex-husband and her bodyguard had hired a third man to break her leg, hoping to ruin her Olympic hopes and thus dramatically boost Harding’s.

Harding was banned for life by the US Figure Skating Association. At the time that seemed draconian measures, the film suggests it may have had as much to do with her background and image as the alleged crime.

Yet In 1991, she earned distinction as being the first American woman to successfully land a triple axel  and only the second woman to ever do so in history. She is also a two-time Olympian and a two-time Skate America Champion.

Character equals Destiny,  one’s early exposure to experiences she underwent, made her who she is. It was but natural that she attracted a man who was violent and abusive leading to an extremely turbulent and tempestuous relationship.

4th House in any chart is the home and environment. It is a water house and the jala ttatva or water element is very strong and being the natural house of the Moon. Fiery planets like Mars and Sun or even the fire of Ketu is extremely destructive.  Its like throwing a ball of fire in a pool of water. The result is steam and gas that burns…Both the jala water planets Venus and Moon are afflicted heavily, with the Curse of Saturn and Sun. This is across the 5th / 11th. Planets is 5th , with its lord in 5th certainly gave her the knowledge of the Sun (3rd house Lord) 3rd being the house of skill, movement, co-ordination. 3rd house has its karaka Mars. Ofcourse the Lagna Lord or Ascendant ruler is in 6th house in scorpio. scorpio’s rulers are Ketu and Mars, being in the 3rd and 4th respectively. There is a clear exchange (Parivartana) between Mars and Mercury. That places Mercury in 4th, which is a another challenge. Mercury is in Marana Sthan in 4th and 7th. Also any connection of the 4th house lord with the 6th indicative of huge problems with Mother and all things to do with personal sense of happiness. In a way, the 4th house is a gateway to our hells and havens. And with diabolical Mars and with strong connection with 6th, it carries with it of being forsaken by our Mother. That exchange took place between 1990 – 1994. When she underwent a series of antardasha of Saturn, Mercury.The Power of Parivartana was truly manifested and Complete!

From Wiki

In January 1994, Harding became embroiled in controversy when her ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, orchestrated an attack on fellow US Olympian Nancy Kerrigan. After the 1994 Games had ended, Harding ultimately pleaded guilty to hindering the prosecution and was banned for life from the U.S. Figure Skating Association as a result. The criminal investigation and Harding’s banning from the sport were the subject of intense media scrutiny, and it has been referred to as one of the biggest scandals in American sports history.

Born in Shukla Purnima,  tithi Lord, is Saturn, so relationships will be a torturous. Especially if Tithi Lord is in the 8th house in Navamsa D9. It is no coincidence that Saturn is her  Amatyakaraka, career, social status significator) and connected with the jala water element of relating and relationships. Indeed her first husband singlehandedly put an end to a Career in Skating. For her to attract a Man who would be a mirror image of her Mother with a similar sense of emotional violence was not a random chance.The Jala Ttava  or the water element is severely disturbed, by virtue of being non existent, (Only Lagna Lord Mercry is in Scorpio) and everything else is in Vayu Rashi , Predominantly and Agni. For a woman, the Luminaries and the Lagna in Male signs, reflects her high level of expertise, energy, verve, and a certain manliness to her temperament. That was reflected in her skating.

Even after the ban, she continued as a professional boxer to a welder to a painter at a metal fabrication company, and a hardware sales clerk. As of 2017, she stated that she worked as a painter and deck builder!

Her Mother Sginifcator Matrikaraka is Rahu, in Marana Sthana in the 9th with ayush debility in Navamsa, in the debt ridden house of 8th. Indeed this is a story begun several lifetimes ago!

Indeed Atmakaraka Sun, ruler of 3rd House, inspite of being in debility, gave her International notoriety and Fame. Indeed skill too. As Sun is in Gemini Navamsa, which is a brilliant placement. Her Karana Lord is Sun (Karana = Bava) . Karana Lord is her work and wealth and ways she can earn,  is also her atmakaraka. It is 8th from the 10th, so Career and earnings from there is going to be her biggest stumbling block.. With Jupiter and Venus being both so close to the Sun, they are combust and almost finished! Although the Jupiter’s dispositor is Venus in its own sign and is own house which is a brilliant yoga, but Venus is the putrakaraka. Children/Creative pursuits will be tough to come. Indeed she has only one child from her 3rd Husband. They were married in 2010, which has possibly been the most stable of them all. She was running Taurus Narayana dasa /Sagittarius Antar.Sagittarius is her 7th house and her Upapada is in Pisces.



Born Nov 12th 1970, 8:22pm (Rodden C rating) , portland OR,USA. Rectified to 8:01pm.

Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan

Original Tonya Harding

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