Eclipse of July 2019 : Summer of Intense and turbulent Tranformations

Saturn, Nodes of the Moon exact conjunction over the eclipse

In the one and half year, lot of clients with Ascendant (Lagna), Moon sign and occasionally Vedic Sun Signs in Dual signs are being heavily affected and their lives turned unpside down. The Eclipse points in the Sky called the Nodal Axis (North Node of the Moon is Rahu and South Node of the Moon is Ketu). The Nodes have been travelling through the signs of Gemini (Rahu is traversing) and Sagittarius (Ketu is traversing) till August 2020.

The turbulence and chaos created by the transiting Nodes is always to be expected, except that Shani Saturn the planet of fear, karmic debts, disease, death and transformation is in Sidereal sign of Dhanu Sagittarius as well for the past two years. To make matters more depressive, south node of the Moon, Moksha Karaka Ketu joined in this year in March 2019. This is a classic Shraddha Yoga. Transliteration of this is ‘Mourning combination’ .This conjunction gets in touch with our deep feelings of grief, intense sadness, moroseness, inner conflict, deep seated anger, unknown feelings of despair all of which is unexplained. It is coming from past life times. Shani Saturn with Rahu Conjunction is a better off than Saturn with Ketu. Saturn with Rahu is a ‘double Shani’ where ever it lands in your chart. As the dictum goes, Shani vat Rahu. They both have ‘Vayu Tattva‘ the Air Element pronounced. Hence they operate in a similar fashion. For people who have this combination in their Natal Chart would do very well with deep breath meditation and Pranayama. As breath control is Saturn, the Vayu air element. Our Longevity which is Saturn’s purview, is totally dependant on our breath and the way we breathe. Moon and Saturn play vital role in our physical longevity. Moon Nakshatra that one is born in, hence often worshipped and one should ideally meditate on those sounds. Nakshatras, Fixed Stars, Lunar Mansions, are again the domain of Shani Saturn. As they are the Air element.

Hence it is said in Hindu and Yoga Philosophy, that just by practise of breathing techniques one can not just prolong longevity it can give you Moksha. (Nirvana or turiya or whatever your culture calls it)

With Saturn+Ketu, the story differs. Ketu South Node of the Moon, is a laser beam of intense light and fire. It is Agni Tattva. Fire Element. So Shani-Ketu is coming together of Air and Fire. We all know what happens, when these two combine. They are so comfortable with each other, that they bring upon huge fires,combustions and widespread burning. There is not much else that can stop this absolute destruction, other than Lord Shiva Jupiter. But what if you had Jupiter with Saturn configured to the Nodes?! (and I digress…)

Shani Saturn configured with the Nodal Axis along with an inner planet like Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury will take on a life of its own. The inner planets act as a host, which is ready for a takeover with Rahu or Ketu. There are times when this combination can give good results. If it is in digbala (For Rahu it is the 7th house, while Ketu it is the 10th) or in Exaltation, Mulatrikona or Svakshetra Own signs. Or it forms a Raja Yoga (Kingly Combination). Or if you are Aquarius Lagna rising then Rahu is one of your great Lagna Lord, and if you are a Scorpio Rising, then too Ketu will be a significant lagna lord. These two rising signs along with Virgo and Pisces Lagna, are comfortable with the energies of the Nodes. For simple reason, that they have two lords and one of them is either Rahu or Ketu. Hence, they will not be specially inimical, unless they are in a terrible sign or state.

Coming together, of the Saturn with nodes, brings many trials and tribulations for a long time to find your own place in the world. One has to work with the energy of the Nodal Axis.Like everything, it begins with a single step. Awareness of the issues and surrender to it.

After all Ketu or South Node of the Moon rules enlightenment, Rishis, भिक्षुक Wanderers and Spiritual seekers and last not the least, Lineages and Spiritual Traditions

In literal terms, possibly one of the departed souls in your family lineage, the after death rites have not been performed and hence they are not at peace. Shraddha ceremony which is performed after passing away, is mandatory in the Sanantana Hindu Dharma. It ensures that the sins of the forefathers, do not rest upon its children. And so, if you do have this aspect in Natal chart, or any of the divisional chart, then best to be aware of this issue with parentage lineage and get it done at Bodh Gaya,Varanasi or Haridwar. These are key places for performing these last rites of the forefathers.

Havan or fire ceremony Tarpana for Pitris or Forefathers













Saturn-Ketu conjunction is Exact in 23 degrees of Sagittarius which falls in the Naskhatra or fixed Star of Purvasadha. Its deity is Apas, God of Rain and this is a highly turbulent and fiesty constellation. I will take the liberty of digressing a bit, as according to Guru Pandit Sanjay Rath my Jyotish Vedanga Guru, that this Nakshatra will be responsible for the destruction of our World and this kali yuga, whenever that will happen.

As the Nodes are Exalted and Saturn is very well placed in the sign of Sagittarius ( According to the Varahmihara, Jyotish Text). Yet it is in Marana Sthana Dying position, in the 1st House. That combined with Sarpa yoga and and kal amrit Yoga, with exchange between Ketu and Jupiter breaking the pattern. And the other significant eclipse exchange is with Moon and Mercury. 7th and 8th house energies are exchanging. Again the themes of sudden shcoking transformations and news that will shock the system is not out of question.

Free Western & Vedic Chart Calculator : Find your Nakshatras of the Planets that will affect you over this eclipse.

Exact In the United Kingdom, 2 July 2019, 8:15 pm Sri JyotiStar by Andrew Foss

This Eclipse is exact at around 8:15 pm on July 2nd Tuesday, in the Hora Hour of Sun and the day Lord is Mars (Tuesday, Mangal vaar). This is significant as per the Jyotish tradition that I follow of my Vedanga Jyotish Guru Pandit Sanjay Rath.

As the Planetary lord of the hour, before the eclipse, after the eclipse and during is very significant.Given below is the table. For UTC and London UK time zone. Most badly affected people will be who are by profession Teachers, Counsellers, Publishers, Book sellers, Schools and Universities,Military, fighers, fire fighters, bomb squads anything to do with Martial (MArs) and Jupiterian (Jupiter, Guru) people. In today’s world, people do not go to war per se, but there is the Corporate mafia and the religious mafiaso. Those category of people will also fall in this part. Climate change protestors are upon us and it is clear they are here to stay, bringing their own ways of protest. Government and people ruled by Sun, CEO’s and head of organisations will also feel the brunt. Needless to say, with Brexiteers and the way political climate is, this is hardly a surprise!

All dual signs (VIrgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces) having Lagna(Ascendant), Moon or Sun or mercury exactly within three degrees of either side of 17degrees of Sagittarius (Dual sign) will be affected, without a doubt.More so if you have a 17 degrress specifically Rising sign in Ardra in Gemini sidereally, Mula Sagittarius Sidereally.

or Moon or Sun in the above placements will most likely feel the pain and brunt of this eclipse. Sagittarius people will have transformations related to Money, work, trading, value systems, trade to do with food, PR, Human resources, in fact resources of all kinds will come into play.

While Gemini Lagna Rising or Moon in Gemini will feel the brunt related to knowledge, universities, publishing, higher learning, trading and business deals, collaborations with busniess partners, inheritances, wealth managment, others and shared resources.

People who are the above signs and are Artists, creative professions, Music Industry, Media, Aritsans, Homoepaths, Herbalists, Aromatherapists, Massage therapist,  or any of the Venusian professions may actually expand their horizons and will do well. Provided they manage the Saturn+Ketu conjunction properly, (during the eclipse it is exact degrees), as they will have the above mentioned combination energy to contend with. The applies to United Kingdom. As, the way eclipse evolves will differ to the local times and what segment of society gets affected will depend on the timing the eclipse happens.

The eclipse starts at one location and ends at another. The times below are actual times (in UTC) when the eclipse occurs.

Event UTC Time Time in London UK*
First location to see the partial eclipse begin =

Planetary Hour of Jupiter

2 Jul, 16:55:13 2 Jul, 17:55:13
First location to see the full eclipse begin

Planetary Hour of Mars

2 Jul, 18:01:08 2 Jul, 19:01:08
Maximum Eclipse = Planetary Hour of Mars & Sun
2 Jul, 19:22:57 2 Jul, 20:22:57
Last location to see the full eclipse end Planetary Hour of Sun 2 Jul, 20:44:46 2 Jul, 21:44:46
Last location to see the partial eclipse end Planetary

Hour of Venus

2 Jul, 21:50:34 2 Jul, 22:50:34

* These local times do not refer to a specific location but indicate the beginning, peak, and end of the eclipse on a global scale, each line referring to a different location. Please note that the local times for London are meant as a guideline. (Source :


Eagle and the Lark, Predictive Astrology by Bernadette Brady

She writes in her book Predictive Astrology : ‘This is an over excessive eclipse family.Its main theme being news involving young people or news that transforms a situation. This information can cause worry or can cause the person to become obsessive,The individual may want to undertake large plans or activities which can be very positive as long as the individual doesn’t get carried away.’

Mercury and Jupiter are the two dispositers and the big players in this transit eclipse. Jupiter and Mercury are both involved in a significant exchange. There is no doubt some of the transformations will be accompanied by a loss and some will bring about extremely positive transformations. Especially to do with plans for busniess of any kind.

REMEDIES over the Eclipse period

Eclipse period can be dauting and are trigger points for what is already being escalated in the birth chart. These energies can be managed and made use of in a constructive fashion. We have to learn to flow with the Nodal eclipse energy. It is fierce and instigates great amounts of fear. Once we manage to calm the Mind (Moon, Psyche) we can begin to work with it. Like surfing a wave, if we learn the techniques, we can even begin to enjoy the process of transforming our inner space, by agency of an eclipse.

1.Take a shower three times ideally. Once an hour before the eclipse is exact , during and after the eclipse is finished. Go explore oa water body or a pool of water near you, meditate out in the open in nature.

2.Preferably observe a water fast (if your diet etc allows) and chant or listen to the Maha Mrytuyunjay Mantra. Eat only after the eclipse is over. Eclipses are great times for cleansing in every sense of the word, spiritual as well as physical and soul level.

Meditate, listen or Chant the  महामृत्युञ्जय मन्त्रMahā-mṛtyuñjaya-mantra

literally means  “Great Death conquering Mantra”, also known as the Tryambakam Mantra or Rudra Mantra.

This mantra is addressed to Lord Shiva and is taught in the Rig Veda (7 mandala 59 Chapter) as well as the Yajur Veda (3-60) the Atharva Veda XIV.1.17.

It was received by Maharishi Vasistha, the Guru of Lord Sri Rama. Anybody can recite this mantra and attain good health, release from bondage and other problems. This is the greatest panacea for all evils and can be recited at any time like any other Maha-mantra.

Mṛtyuṅjaya literally means ‘Victory over Death’ and Mahā-mṛtyuṅjaya mantra is also called- Mahā-mokṣa mantra as it gives the ultimate enlightenment.

Mṛtyuṅjaya mantra
anuṣṭubh chandas = 32 syllables = 4 pada (4×8=32)

त्रयंबक्कं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम्।
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मूक्षीय मामृतात्॥
trayaṁbakkaṁ yajāmahe sugandhiṁ puṣṭivardhanam|
urvārukamiva bandhanān mṛtyormūkṣīya māmṛtāt ||

Word-by-word meaning of the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is as follows

  • aum = is a sacred/mystical syllable Aum
  • त्र्यम्बकं tryambakam = the three-eyed one
  • त्रि + अम्बकम् tri + ambakam = “three + eye”
  • यजामहे yajāmahe = “we worship, we sacrifice”
  • सुगन्धिम् sugandhim = “the fragrant, the virtuous, the supreme being”
  • पुष्टिवर्धनम् puṣṭi + vardhanam = “the bestower of nourishment, wealth, perfection”
  • पुष्टि puṣṭi = “nourishment, increase, wealth, perfection”
  • वर्धन vardhana = “increase, growth”
  • उर्वारुकम् urvārukam = “fruit, a knid of cucumber on a creeper”
  • इव iva = “as”
  • बन्धनान् bandhanān = “from bondage, from the stalk/stem”
Note: bandhanāt here means “from the stem”. Thus, read with urvārukam iva, “as a fruit from the stem”; the etymologically prior meaning of “from bondage” resonates here as the fruit is a simile for the worshipper being released from the bondage of death.
  • मृत्योः mṛtyoḥ = “from death”
  • मुक्षीय mukṣīya = “may I be freed/released”
  • माऽमृतात् mā ‘mṛtāt = “not () from immortality (amṛtāt)”
  • the last two words become माऽमृतात् mā-amṛtāt


Make sure yopu are clean and wearing white or pastel shades of clothing.

Sit in a comfortable place without any disturbances or any distractions. Follow the below instructions : The Dyana and Nysas are to be done just once.

1.Dhyana This is to be recited once before meditating on Śrī Mṛtyuṅjaya Śiva.

हस्ताम्भोजयुगस्थकुम्भयुगलादुद्घृत्य तोयं शिरः
सिञ्चन्तं करयोर्युगेन दधतं स्वाङ्के सकुम्भौ करौ।
अक्षस्त्रङ्मृगहस्तमम्बुजगतं मूर्धस्थचन्द्रस्त्रवत्
पीयूषार्द्रतनुं भजे सगिरिजं त्र्यक्षं मृत्युङ्जयम्॥
hastāmbhojayugasthakumbhayugalādudghṛtya toyaṁ śiraḥ
siñcantaṁ karayoryugena dadhataṁ svāṅke sakumbhau karau|
akṣastraṅmṛgahastamambujagataṁ mūrdhasthacandrastravat
pīyūṣārdratanuṁ bhaje sagirijaṁ tryakṣaṁ mṛtyuṅjayam||


Ṛṣi-adi nyāsa mantra
कहोल ऋषये नमः। शिरसि
kahola ṛṣaye namaḥ| śirasi (lightly touch your head)
गायत्री छन्दसे नमः। मुखे
gāyatrī chandase namaḥ| mukhe (lightly touch your face)
श्री मृत्युन्जय देवतायै नमः। हृदि
śrī mṛtyunjaya devatāyai namaḥ| hṛdi (lightly touch your heart)
जुं बीजय नमः। गुह्ये
juṁ bījaya namaḥ| guhye (lightly touch your thighs)
ह्रीं शक्तये नमः। पादयो
hrīṁ śaktaye namaḥ| pādayo (lightly touch your feet)

3.Dhyāna Bīja mantra

Mṛtyuṅjaya bīja, the seed of rejuvenation is actually the jīva bīja (seed of life which brings all living beings)  is जुं (juṁ). It is formed from the starting syllable of the word जीव (jīva) which is ज (ja). This bīja was taught originally by Lord Śiva to Bṛhaspati, due to which Bṛhaspati became the preceptor of the gods and due to which he was able to save Indra from definite destruction at the hands of Lord Śiva. Pleased with his dedication and well-meaning disposition, Lord Śiva blessed Bṛhaspati to be known as जीव (jīva) by which he shall signify the very existence of life and by whose presence, the god of death Yama will have to turn away. This power of Bṛhaspati has been explained in the Mahā Nārāyaṇa Upaniṣad. In the Kāla-Chakra Bṛhaspati becomes Śrī Jīva and sits in the southern direction, which is the path of Yama, thereby blocking death from happening. So long as Śrī Jīva sits in his southern direction, the being shall live. Thus, the mṛtyuṅjaya bīja जुं (juṁ) simply means Jīva Upadeśa.

The Bīja mantra was obtained by Kahola-ṛṣi; the mantra is in Gāyatrī chandas;

Mantra devatā (deity) is Sri Mṛtyuṅjaya (form of Shiva).

This mantra is to be used for meditation and at all times for protection from all evils. Bīja means seed. Thus It is imperative that meditation be done with this bīja mantra.

ॐ जुं सः॥
om juṁ saḥ

Meditate with this mantra repeating it very quietly in the mind. Bring the mind to focus on the feet and recite the monosyllable ॐ (om). Then the bīja जुं (juṁ) has to be placed in the heart chakra. Finally the sahasrara chara on top of the head is brought into metal focus with the seed syllable सः (saḥ).

4.Repeat the following Mṛtyuṅjaya mantra 108 times or multiples of this number.

ॐ। त्रयंबक्कं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम्।
उर्वारुहमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मूक्षीय मामृतात्॥
om, trayaṁbakkaṁ yajāmahe sugandhiṁ puṣṭivardhanam,
urvāruhamiva bandhanān mṛtyormūkṣīya māmṛtāt.( Credit: Vedanga Jyotish Guru Pandit Sanjay Rath from Sasan Puri)
For those who would like to listen, this is on Youtube, 108 times.
3. Make a list of all fears and tribulations that you would like to get rid of and burn them over the next full moon following this eclipse. Create a space of altar with Essential Oils, Incense, Myrrh, Frankincense, Palo santo or other resins of your choice. Awareness of ourselves and bringing our deep dark emotional self, committing to write it on paper and burning it has great power. Do not undersestimate this act.

4. This eclipse is accompanied by Malefics in angles (Kendras), which is a Sarpa Dosha. The best way to work with this malefic energy is also by food donation in the Morning, or after the eclipse is over. Cook after, fresh food, and give it away. DO NOT CONSUME leftover, stale food from the previous day on the day of the eclipse. As that is not a good energy to put in our body.










5. One of fabulous remedies is the visit to Murugan / Subramnya Temple.The ardent devotees of Murugan call him by a variety of names – Karthilkeya, Arumuga, Shanmuga, Guhan, Skanda and Lord Subramanya. Or listen to the Stotra of Lord Subramanya.

Names of Lord Skanda are innumerable, but in this sthothram the 108 of His descriptive names are enumerated.

Name Mantra
English Name Mantra


ॐ स्कन्दाय नमः।

Om Skandaya Namah।

Vanquisher of the mighty foes


ॐ गुहाय नमः।

Om Guhaya Namah।

Praise be to the Invisible Lord – He who abides in the hearts of true devotees!


ॐ षण्मुखाय नमः।

Om Shanmukhaya Namah।

Praise be to the six-faced one


ॐ फालनेत्रसुताय नमः।

Om Phalanetrasutaya Namah।

Praise be to the Son of the Three-Eyed Shiva


ॐ प्रभवे नमः।

Om Prabhave Namah।

Praise be to the Supreme Lord


ॐ पिङ्गलाय नमः।

Om Pingalaya Namah।

Praise be to the golden-hued one


ॐ कृत्तिकासूनवे नमः।

Om Krittikasunave Namah।

Hail to the Son of the starry maids


ॐ शिखिवाहनाय नमः।

Om Shikhivahanaya Namah।

Hail to the rider on the peacock


ॐ द्विषड्भुजाय नमः।

Om Dvishadbhujaya Namah।

Hail to the Lord with the twelve hands


ॐ द्विषण्णेत्राय नमः।

Om Dvishannetraya Namah।

Hail to the Lord with the twelve eyes


ॐ शक्तिधराय नमः।

Om Shaktidharaya Namah।

Hail to the wielder of the Lance


ॐ पिशिताशप्रभञ्जनाय नमः।

Om Pishitashaprabhanjanaya Namah।

Praise be to the destroyer of the Asuras


ॐ तारकासुरसंहर्त्रे नमः।

Om Tarakasurasanhartre Namah।

Praise be to the slayar of Tarakasuran


ॐ रक्षोबलविमर्दनाय नमः।

Om Rakshobalavimardanaya Namah।

Praise be to the Victor of the Asuric forces


ॐ मत्ताय नमः।

Om Mattaya Namah।

Praise be to the Lord of felicity


ॐ प्रमत्ताय नमः।

Om Pramattaya Namah।

Praise be to the Lord of bliss


ॐ उन्मत्ताय नमः।

Om Unmattaya Namah।

Hail Oh passionate One


ॐ सुरसैन्यसुरक्षकाय नमः।

Om Surasainyasurakshakaya Namah।

Hail Saviour of the Devas


ॐ देवासेनापतये नमः।

Om Devasenapataye Namah।

Hail Commander of the Heavenly hosts


ॐ प्राज्ञाय नमः।

Om Pragyahya Namah।

Lord of Wisdom


ॐ कृपालवे नमः।

Om Kripalave Namah।

Hail Compassionate One


ॐ भक्तवत्सलाय नमः।

Om Bhaktavatsalaya Namah।

Praise be to Thee


ॐ उमासुताय नमः।

Om Umasutaya Namah।

Son of Uma – Praise be to Thee


ॐ शक्तिधराय नमः।

Om Shaktidharaya Namah।

Mighty Lord – Praise be to Thee


ॐ कुमाराय नमः।

Om Kumaraya Namah।

Eternal youth – Praise be to Thee


ॐ क्रौञ्चदारणाय नमः।

Om Kraunchadaranaya Namah।

He who reft asunder the Kraunca Mount – Praise be to Thee


ॐ सेनानिये नमः।

Om Senaniye Namah।

Praise be to the Army Chief


ॐ अग्निजन्मने नमः।

Om Agnijanmane Namah।

To the effulgence of Fire


ॐ विशाखाय नमः।

Om Vishakhaya Namah।

To Him who shone on the astral Visakha


ॐ शङ्करात्मजाय नमः।

Om Shankaratmajaya Namah।

Thou Son of Sankara


ॐ शिवस्वामिने नमः।

Om Shivaswamine Namah।

Thou Preceptor of Siva


ॐ गणस्वामिने नमः।

Om Ganaswamine Namah।

On Lord of the Ganas


ॐ सर्वस्वामिने नमः।

Om Sarvaswamine Namah।

God Almighty


ॐ सनातनाय नमः।

Om Sanatanaya Namah।

Oh Lord eternal


ॐ अनन्तशक्तये नमः।

Om Anantashaktaye Namah।

Thou potent Lord


ॐ अक्षोभ्याय नमः।

Om Akshobhyaya Namah।

Unsullied by arrows art Thou


ॐ पार्वतीप्रियनन्दनाय नमः।

Om Parvatipriyanandanaya Namah।

Thou beloved of Parvati


ॐ गङ्गासुताय नमः।

Om Gangasutaya Namah।

Son of Goddess Ganga


ॐ शरोद्भूताय नमः।

Om Sharodbhutaya Namah।

Thou who did’st nestle in the Saravana Lake


ॐ आहुताय नमः।

Om Ahutaya Namah।

Thou Unborn Lord


ॐ पावकात्मजाय नमः।

Om Pavakatmajaya Namah।

Thou who art born of Fire


ॐ जृम्भाय नमः।

Om Jrimbhaya Namah।

Energy Art Thou


ॐ प्रजृम्भाय नमः।

Om Prajrimbhaya Namah।

Praise be to thee Auspicious One


ॐ उज्जृम्भाय नमः।

Om Ujjrimbhaya Namah।

Praise be to the Invincible One


ॐ कमलासनसंस्तुताय नमः।

Om Kamalasanasamstutaya Namah।

Praise be to the Lord extolled by Brahma


ॐ एकवर्णाय नमः।

Om Ekavarnaya Namah।

The one Word art Thou


ॐ द्विवर्णाय नमः।

Om Dvivarnaya Namah।

In Two Art Thou


ॐ त्रिवर्णाय नमः।

Om Trivarnaya Namah।

Thou Art the Three


ॐ सुमनोहराय नमः।

Om Sumanoharaya Namah।

Thou Stealer of pure hearts


ॐ चुतुर्वर्णाय नमः।

Om Chaturvarnaya Namah।

In four Art Thou


ॐ पञ्चवर्णाय नमः।

Om Panchavarnaya Namah।

In five letters Art Thou


ॐ प्रजापतये नमः।

Om Prajapataye Namah।

Father of all Creation


ॐ अहस्पतये नमः।

Om Ahaspataye Namah।

Oh Peerless One


ॐ अग्निगर्भाय नमः।

Om Agnigarbhaya Namah।

Thou who dost sustain the fire


ॐ शमीगर्भाय नमः।

Om Shamigarbhaya Namah।

Hail Thou who arose out of the Vanni flame


ॐ विश्वरेतसे नमः।

Om Vishvaretase Namah।

Thou glory of the Absolute Paramasivam


ॐ सुरारिघ्ने नमः।

Om Surarighne Namah।

Subduer of the foes of the Devas


ॐ हरिद्वर्णाय नमः।

Om Haridvarnaya Namah।

Thou resplendent One


ॐ शुभकराय नमः।

Om Shubhakaraya Namah।

Thou Auspicious One


ॐ वसुमते नमः।

Om Vasumate Namah।

Thou Oh Splendour of the Vasus


ॐ वटुवेषभृते नमः।

Om Vatuveshabhrite Namah।

Oh lover of celibacy


ॐ पूष्णे नमः।

Om Pushne Namah।

Thou Luminous Sun


ॐ गभस्तये नमः।

Om Gabhastaye Namah।

Thou Effulgence divine


ॐ गहनाय नमः।

Om Gahanaya Namah।

Thou Omniscient One


ॐ चन्द्रवर्णाय नमः।

Om Chandravarnaya Namah।

Thou Radiance of the Moon


ॐ कलाधराय नमः।

Om Kaladharaya Namah।

Thou who adorns the crescent


ॐ मायाधराय नमः।

Om Mayadharaya Namah।

Engergy art Thou


ॐ महामायिने नमः।

Om Mahamayine Namah।

Great Artist of Deception too art Thou


ॐ कैवल्याय नमः।

Om Kaivalyaya Namah।

Everlasting joy of attainment


ॐ शङ्करात्मजाय नमः।

Om Shankaratmajaya Namah।

Art all-pervading


ॐ विश्वयोनये नमः।

Om Vishvayonaye Namah।

Source of all Existence


ॐ अमेयात्मने नमः।

Om Ameyatmane Namah।

Supreme Splendour


ॐ तेजोनिधये नमः।

Om Tejonidhaye Namah।

Illumination divine


ॐ अनामयाय नमः।

Om Anamayaya Namah।

Savior of all ills


ॐ परमेष्ठिने नमः।

Om Parameshthine Namah।

Thou art Immaculate Lord


ॐ परब्रह्मणे नमः।

Om Parabrahmane Namah।

Thou Transcendant One


ॐ वेदगर्भाय नमः।

Om Vedagarbhaya Namah।

The Source of the Vedas art Thou


ॐ विराट्सुताय नमः।

Om Viratsutaya Namah।

Immanent Art Thou in the Universe


ॐ पुलिन्दकन्याभर्त्रे नमः।

Om Pulindakanyabhartre Namah।

Praise be to the Lord of Valli


ॐ महासारस्वतव्रताय नमः।

Om Mahasarasvatavrataya Namah।

Praise be to the source of Gnosis


ॐ आश्रिताखिलदात्रे नमः।

Om Ashritakhiladatre Namah।

Praise be to Him who showers grace on those who seek his solace


ॐ चोरघ्नाय नमः।

Om Choraghnaya Namah।

Praise be to Him who annihilates those who steal


ॐ रोगनाशनाय नमः।

Om Roganashanaya Namah।

Praise be to the divine Healer


ॐ अनन्तमूर्तये नमः।

Om Anantamurtaye Namah।

Praise be Thine whose forms are endless


ॐ आनन्दाय नमः।

Om Anandaya Namah।

Praise be Thine


ॐ शिखण्डिकृतकेतनाय नमः।

Om Shikhandikritaketanaya Namah।

Praise be Thine


ॐ डम्भाय नमः।

Om Dambhaya Namah।

Oh lover of gay exuberance


ॐ परमडम्भाय नमः।

Om Paramadambhaya Namah।

Thou lover of supreme exuberance


ॐ महाडम्भाय नमः।

Om Mahadambhaya Namah।

Oh Lord of lofty magnificence


ॐ वृषाकपये नमः।

Om Vrishakapaye Namah।

Thou who art the culmination of righteousness


ॐ कारणोपात्तदेहाय नमः।

Om Karanopattadehaya Namah।

Thou who deigned embodiment for a cause


ॐ कारणातीतविग्रहाय नमः।

Om Karanatitavigrahaya Namah।

Form transcending causal experience


ॐ अनीश्वराय नमः।

Om Anishvaraya Namah।

Oh Eternal peerless plentitude


ॐ अमृताय नमः।

Om Amritaya Namah।

Thou Ambrosia of Life


ॐ प्राणाय नमः।

Om Pranaya Namah।

Thou life of life


ॐ प्राणायामपरायणाय नमः।

Om Pranayamaparayanaya Namah।

Thou support of all beings


ॐ विरुद्धहन्त्रे नमः।

Om Viruddhahantre Namah।

Praise unto Thee who subjugates all hostile forces


ॐ वीरघ्नाय नमः।

Om Viraghnaya Namah।

Thou vanquisher of heroic opponents


ॐ रक्तश्यामगळाय नमः।

Om Raktashyamagalaya Namah।

Thou art Love, and of crimson beauty


ॐ श्यामकन्धराय नमः।

Om Shyamakandharaya Namah।

Oh Consummation of glory


ॐ महते नमः।

Om Mahate Namah।

Effulgent Radiance


ॐ सुब्रह्मण्याय नमः।

Om Subrahmanyaya Namah।

Supreme Goodness


ॐ गुहप्रीताय नमः।

Om Guhapritaya Namah।

Luminous wisdom serene


ॐ ब्रह्मण्याय नमः।

Om Brahmanyaya Namah।

Thou who art beloved of seers


ॐ ब्राह्मणप्रियाय नमः।

Om Brahmanapriyaya Namah।

Universal Teacher


ॐ वेदवेद्याय नमः।

Om Vedavedyaya Namah।

Indweller in the core of our hearts


ॐ अक्षयफलप्रदाय नमः।

Om Akshayaphalapradaya Namah।

Bestower of indestructible results ineffable


ॐ वल्ली देवसेनासमेत श्री सुब्रह्मण्यस्वामिने नमः।

Om Valli Devasenasameta Shri Subrahmanyasvamine Namah।

Most glorious effulgent Radiance

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Free Western & Vedic Chart Calculator : Find your Nakshatras of the Planets that will affect you over this eclipse.

Nirriti, Deity for Mula

Nritti, Goddess of Destruction and Strife. for Mula.Only Nakshatra which has a female diety. People with Sun, Moon or rising in Mula will feel the brunt of this eclipse. Mula lies in Sagittarius.


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