Solar Eclipse of June 2020 – Intense Purging of the Collective Unconscious angst

Eclipses are turbulent times, and we must follow caution. Mankind has been obsessed with reading the eclipses since times immemorial. No Eclipse should be read on its own, typically it follows a lunar Eclipse before or after. The nature of Lunar eclipse preceding or following has a huge role to play in the how the Solar Eclipse pans out. IS that any surprise ? As Rahu-Ketu are the Nodes of the Moon.

The Eclipses are times of upheaval and tumultous times and act as trigger points to bring about the promise of certain aspects or combinations in the nativity and World events, whether positive or negative. Irrespective it triggers us on a deep collective level as well as a personal one. As the Nodes of the Moon are involved, it shows us our shadow side, on a personal level in order for us to integrate it within our psyche. On a global scale, it shows the collective unconscious shadow, so issues of scapegoating and victimisation are rife in this kālīyuga.

We have to go into the Puranic cosmological stories, to know what the Sages opined on the Eclipses and the nodes of the Moon. It is closely linked with the Samudra Manthan – The churning of the Ocean Milk to get the Nectar of immortality. For those knowing the significance the Nodes – North Node Rahu & the South node Ketu , please follow the link – Churning of the Ocean floor to give rise to the Birth of Rahu & Ketu. 

Birth of Rahu – : In the Puranic story, Simhika, one of the wives od Sage Kashyap, requested her husband for progeny. at a unseasonal hour.Enraged at this untimely request, he gave her a son who was dreadful as the God of Death.He came to be called Rahu. Soon after, Rahu, fought with the sons of other wife of Sage Kashyap,  and was denounced. Feeling humiliated by this, he went for severe penance of over 10,000 years in the Himalayas. Upon which Brahma appeared before him to grant a wish! Rahu asked to confer on himself, the status of a planet, immortality, victory over the Gods Devas, and the power to devour the luminaries! (Please see the Samudra manthan).

Brahma smiled and granted him the wish and said ‘You will find it hard to digest’ and saying that he vanished. Rahu wanted to test his powers, rushed towards the luminaries, but Lord Vishnu, with his discus cut his head off , and said, : ‘Brahma’s words cannot go in vain, in your respective periods you may devour the two luminaries and thereby indicate good & bad things for the world’

Truth is, that in her own eclipse, Chandra Moon enters the shadow of Earth, and in that of Surya Sun,Solar disc. Hence lunar eclipse does not commence at Western limb nor Solar eclipse at Eastern limb. Just as the shadow of a tree neither continues in the same direction nor of the same length, so changes the shadow of Earth, night after night owing to revolution of Surya. “May you be satisfied by the gifts and fire offerings (of men) on the occasion of eclipses” is the boon bestowed on Rahu by the command of Brahma.

Brhat Samhita – Chapter 5 on Rahu.


This year 2020, the summer kicks off with the Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral) 5–6 June

Followed by the Lunar Eclipse of 5 June 2020, is the Solar Eclipse on 21st June. That means we have the Lunar Eclipse first followed by the Solar Eclipse in the same Month. The Month of Jyaistha.

According to Brhat Samhita, should there be two eclipses in the same month, Kings would be destroyed as a result of the revolt of their army; And there would be ‘bloody battles’.

We have just global experience of a Man dying before our eyes and still reeling from the George Massacre by the Police officer in the United States. We, on a global level are face to face with some thing we have known deep down. We are in a spiritual crisis and we are egged on by fear, greed and divisive tendencies. Whether this has been planted by Corporations who are playing the zero-sum game of complete and utter control of the masses using people or the world leaders, we are still their pawns. We are disempowered, confused and deep underlying emotion of fear and crippling self-doubt.

#2 Brhat Samhita States –  check the Zodiac Sign (Rashi) the Eclipse it is occuring : Thus the Solar Eclipse in June is in Sign of Gemini – Mrigashira.

So the following results ensue, depending on the sign of the eclipse.

2.  If Surya and Chandr should be eclipsed when in Rasi of Mesha, Aries Panchalas, Kalingas(land of orissa), Surasenas, people of Comboja55, of Odhra56, of Kirata57, soldiers and persons who live by fire will be afflicted with miseries. (36)

If Surya Sun or Chandr Moon should be eclipsed when in Vrishabha, Taurus shepherds, cows, their owners and eminent men will suffer miseries.

(37) If they should be eclipsed when in Mithuna, Gemini chaste women, princes, powerful petty chiefs, learned men, people living on the banks of Jamuna (River in India, Northern parts) and rulers of Balhika and Matsia with their subjects will suffer miseries.

(38) If they should be eclipsed when in Karkataka, Cancer, ( Abheeras, Sabaras, Palhavas, Mallahas, Matsias, Kurus, Sakas, Panchalas and Vikalas) will be afflicted with miseries and food grains will be destroyed.

(39) If Surya and Chandr should be eclipsed when in Simha Leo, hill men, prince like people possessed of a single military forces, princes and forest men will suffer miseries.

If they should be eclipsed when in Kanya, Virgo crops, poets, writers and singers will suffer and rice fields of Asmaka and Tripura63 will be destroyed.

(40) If they should be eclipsed when in Tula,Libra people of the extreme border lands on West, people of Sind, trading classes, and people of Broach will be afflicted with miseries.

If when in Vrischika, Scorpio, people of Udambara, of Mathra(region of India), of Chola and of Youdheya will all suffer miseries along with soldiers armed with poisoned weapons.

(41) If they should be eclipsed when in Dhanur,Sagittarius ministers, fine horses, Videhas, Mullas, Panchalas, physicians, merchants and persons skilled in the use of destructive weapons will perish.

If when in Makara,Capricorn fishes, families of ministers, Chandalas, skilled magicians and physicians and old soldiers will perish.

(42) If they should be eclipsed when in Kumbha,Aquarius hill men, men of Western countries, carriers, robbers, shepherds, serpents, worthy men, lions, citizens and people of Barbara will perish.

If when is Meena, Pisces products of the sea, beach and of the sea, men of respectability, and of learning and persons that live by water will suffer.


#3 From Brhat Samhita, when the planets conjoining Sun-Moon have importance. Here we have Budh, Mercury conjoining the Solar Eclipse.

(65) If Budh Mercury should be so eclipsed, men living between Ganges and Jamuna, on the banks of Sarayu and in the country of Nepal, those living about the East sea and on the banks of Sonne will suffer and women, princes, soldier boys (Military, army, Special task forces?) and men of letters (Literary people studying subjects like occult, mysticism,  intellectuals,Authors, etc) will perish.

#4 Checking the Lunar Month : If eclipses should fall in lunar month of Jyaishta, then Brahmins, queens of the reigning sovereign, crops, rain, large gatherings of men, (given COVID situation, is there chance of that?!), beautiful persons, Salpas and Nishadas will suffer.

#5 Checking to see which comes first the Lunar Eclipse or the Solar one . In our case it is 97.

(97) If on new Moon day immediately succeeding a lunar eclipse, there should occur a solar eclipse, there will be dissensions among men and discord between husbands and wives.

(98) lf, on contrary, there should occur a lunar eclipse on full Moon day immediately succeeding a solar eclipse, Brahmins will perform various sacrificial rites and mankind will be happy.

LUNAR ECLIPSE – June 5 2020 June 5 will be a ‘Strawberry Moon Eclipse’. This eclipse will be seen in countries like Asia, Africa and Australia. During Strawberry Moon Eclipse, 57 per cent of the moon will pass into Earth’s penumbra It is in Scorpio’s Jyestha Nakshatra, 4th Pada which is at Gandanta point or acute karmic knot point. In lunar eclipses those persons will suffer in Rasi of whose nativity in which Surya Sun & Moon Chandr happens to be eclipsed. People with the eclipse of the Surya Sun is in the same Nakshatra was in one’s nativity, then persons on his father’s side will suffer; if in the natal chart , Moon is in the same sign and Nakshatra as the eclipse then persons on his mother’s side will suffer.

#6 WHICH NAKSHATRA is the Solar Eclipse? Mrigashira in Gemini : People with Sun in Mrigashira or Lagna in Mrigashira will have health issues. Exercise caution and ensure you take extra care!

As per research by Pandit Sanjay Rath’s( Vedanga Jyotisha Guru of ours),  the Nakshatra of the natal Sun Surya & the Nakshatra of the Eclipse should Match to have serious life changing impact with that eclipse. If they do, even if the degrees vary, it will bring about huge changes in their life direction.

#7 Which Ayana ? If the Eclipse happens in the Uttarayana Northward March of Sun ( 14th Jan to 15th July) or DakshinaAyana Southward March of Sun ( 15th July to 14th Jan)

Here the eclipse is in Uttarayaana – June 2020 – Hence Brahmins/Priests, Advisors, Intellectual and literary community, Fighters, Corporate people , Fighting community like police task forces, FBI, CBI etc will suffer.

While if it is later, Daskhinaya, the business community and working class people – labourers etc will suffer.

#8  Solar and lunar eclipses are of 10 kinds and they are technically known as

(01) Savya, If eclipse should commence on the left side of the disc, it is technically known as Savyagrasa; Earth will then be flooded with water and there will be joy and freedom from fear.

(02) Apasavya, If it should commence on the right side of disc, it is technically known as Apasavyagrasa; mankind will suffer from their rulers and from robbers.

(03) Lehana : If solar or lunar disc should be just dimmed by darkness all round which disappears immediately, eclipse is technically known as Lehana (licking).Suffiecient rays that it gives a ‘licking’ effect. Sufficient rains will ensue with allround happiness and well-being is assured.

(04) Grasana :  If a third, or a fourth, or 1/2 of the disc should be eclipsed, it is technically known as Grasana (seizing with the mouth) Grasa – partial eclipse; the wealth of prosperous princes and nation will suffer diminution and prosperous countries will be afflicted with calamities, as in going into recession etc.

(05) Nirodha,Obstruction, quite opaque & Total,  If eclipse should, commencing at the edge, travel inwards and remain there for a time of the shape of a dark ball, it is technically known as Nirodha (blocking up) Grasa; all creatures will be happy.

(06) Avamardana : Crushing- Total eclipse  of long duration, If eclipse should be a total one and continue so for a time, it is known as Avamardana (tormenting) The current leader/ chief provinces will suffer and the (then) chief rulers will be afflicted with miseries.Hence inauspicious.

(07) Aroha, If immediately after the termination of eclipse, the disc should be re-eclipsed by comets or meteors, it is technically known as Arohana (climbing)  the princes will be at war and there will be fear in the land.

(08) Agrhata : Smelting , shadow is partially trasnparent and appears as a layer of dust over the luminary. Very good omen and promises rain and good crops.

(09) Madhyatama : annular eclipse, Central darkness , If the middle of eclipsed disc should be dark while disc continues bright all round, eclipse is known as Madhyatama (centrally dark). Central provinces of India will be afflicted with miseries. Mankind will suffer from stomach pain and there will be fear in the land.

(10) Tamontya : If all round the disc, darkness be thick, and in the middle, it be slight, eclipse is technically known as Antyatama (terminally dark) Grasa; crops will be injured69 and mankind will suffer from robbers.

Pandit Sanjay Rath –, on Eclipses & Brihat Samhita of Varaha Mihira

 Solar Eclipses of Saros 137

Eclipses recur over the Saros Cycle, a period of approximately 18 years 11 days (equates to the transit of the Nodal Axis)

Solar eclipses of Saros 137 all occur at the Moon’s ascending node and the Moon moves southward with each eclipse. The series began with a partial eclipse in the northern hemisphere on 1389 May 25. The series will end with a partial eclipse in the southern hemisphere on 2633 Jun 28. The total duration of Saros series 137 is 1244.08 years. In summary:

                      First Eclipse =   1389 May 25   16:48:11 TD
                       Last Eclipse =   2633 Jun 28   15:48:41 TD

                      Duration of Saros 137  =  1244.08 Years

Each eclipse belongs to the Saros Series, so  June 21st belongs to Saros #137

For total and annular eclipses the Central Duration gives the length of the eclipse as seen from the central line at greatest eclipse which is as below :
Instant of Greatest Eclipse: Time = 06:40:06.0 UT Lat = 30°31.2’N Long = 079°39.9’E (GE) Sun Altitude = 82.9° Path Width = 21.2 km Sun Azimuth = 174.2°

Central Duration = 00m 38 seconds .2

Instant of Greatest Duration: Time is 04:48:28 UT Lat = 01°16’N Long = 017°48’E (GD) Sun Altitude = 0.0° Path Width = 85.2 km Sun Azimuth = 66.6° Central Duration = 01m22.4s
Central Duration & Central elongation . Courtesy NASA GSFC by FRED ESPENAK

Finally, the Geographic Region of Eclipse Visibility provides a brief description of where each eclipse will be seen. Countries and regions within the path of Annular  eclipse visibility are as follows : Africa, South East Europe, Asia, Annular: Central Africa, South Asia, China, Pacific.

According to Bernadette Brady, Author of ‘Predictive Astrology, The Eagle and the Lark’ states that the eclipse of 137 Saros Cycle belongs to 4 NORTH. 4North began in May 25 1389 and ends in June 29, 2633. The Flavour of this eclipse is ‘Restriction, inhibition, restraint, separation and illusions are the trademark of this family of eclipses.Events can occur that block the individual. In this blocking the individual is prone to misjudge his or her strengths or the situation is best advised to wait till the eclipse passes before taking any real action. This is a difficult Saros Series.


21st June Solar Eclipse – UK , This is in the 12th house, which rules the South-East direction. Borders, military force at borders, foriegn people (European Union dealing with Brexit, may actually make it easy!) will ease

21st June – Eclipse New delhi, India As it is in the 10th house, it is the South Direction, Thus the Sudra class – the workers, labourers, cleaners etc will undergo huge suffering! This is already being seen.

The eclipse starts at one location and ends at another. The times below are actual times (in UTC) when the eclipse occurs.(Courtesy Time & Date)

As North India, China will get the maximum visibility, we can see that as per Brhat Samhita, Panchasiddhantika of Varahamihira as well as taught by Pandit Sanjay Rath, we can divide the portions of the day & night in 7 equal portions. Thus the 7 portions are based on Sunrise to Sunset. Sunrise – Sunset = remainder of hours of daylight / night divided by 7, will give us each of the portions.


Determine the one-seventh portion of day / night is to be caluclated. Take Sunrise-Sunset times, subtract and divide by 7. Will give you the duration of each portion.

1.Eclipse starts : Map this time and see where This portion falls, These people will suffer.

2. Reaches peak elongation – Peak Eclipse – Map this time and see where the portion falls and these people will be destroyed.

3. Leaves the duration and the shadow from earth. – Map this time and see what people are represented by this one and they will be Benefit.

The Class of people Affected are indicated by each of these 7 parts.
1.1st Portion: Engineers, Priests, Recluse people, Hermits, People who work with fire, firefighters etc.
2.2nd portion: Agriculturists, farmers, traders, Warrior class, Army Chiefs, CBI people, hermetics, Buyers-Sellers.
3.3rd portion : Artisans, Mlecchas ( Foriegn Offiicials, Dignitaries, from foriegn lands), Artists and Creative people like muscians, illustrators, painters, decorators.
4. 4th portion : Kings (Heads of State, Leaders of countries, middle portion of the Countries.
5.5th portion : Herbivorus Animals like cattle, Cows etc whose products Humanity consumes, Merchants and traders, Busniess freelance businesses

6.6th portion : Women & Outcastes, cleaners and labourer class.

7. 7th portion : Conmen, robbers, rogues, regions of the borders.



Event UTC Time INDIA

Time in New Delhi*(sunset 19:22 – sunrise 5:24 = 13.58= 1hour 90’ each portion


Time in the UK

(Sunrise – 4:44 am

Sunset – 21:22 = 17 hours 38’ /7 = 2 hours 31 minutes Each portion

First location to see the partial eclipse begin 21 Jun, 03:45:58 21 Jun, 09:15:58 am

2nd Portion

21 June

4:45 am

1st portion

Mars Hora Hour, So military personnel, corporate battles etc will suffer

First location to see the full eclipse begin 21 Jun, 04:47:45 21 Jun, 10:17:45 am

2nd portion

21 June


1st portion Moon Hora, Females & parents, children, also food production will suffer
Maximum Eclipse 21 Jun, 06:40:04 21 Jun, 12:10:04 pm – 4th portion

Some Ministers, heads of State etc will run into problems!

21 June


2nd portion

Mercury Hora – Hour All the finance and structures will take a hit.

Last location to see the full eclipse end 21 Jun, 08:32:17 21 Jun, 14:02:17 pm

5th portion

21 June


3rd portion. Independent freelance Artists, craftsmen, decorators, builders etc will benefit.
Last location to see the partial eclipse end 21 Jun, 09:34:01 21 Jun, 15:04:01 pm

6th portion

21 June

10:34 am

3rd portion

It is irrelevant whether a particular region has visibility, as it will affect all regions where that particular portion is represented by.

India, will have maximum trouble with heads of state, Ministers, political people will run into massive problems, as well as farmers and agriculturists. It is already seen with the locust infestations etc. Freelance merchants will do well as will products to do with Milk, Oil, Ghee etc or industries related to animal husbandry.

While In the U.K., heads of state will run into trouble, especially people who are intellectuals, corporate, financial world leaders, head of corporations.

#10 The Summer Solstice (Key Time in the Tropical Zodiac Niryana ) Marked by the Solar Eclipse!. Both zodiac honour the Sun, and to have an eclipse on the Summer solstice is to have the leaders, Kings and the Wealth of Nations run into trouble… Given that four planets are retrogressing , Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury & Venus, which are absolutely all planets to do with the Rajas Guna and governing all our activities on the Earthly realms, the Prithvi Tatva- Hence Finance, food, abundance, world treasury will see immense down turn. It will be a while before the Brhma Yoga formed by Saturn-Jupiter show full colour in bringing about the required transformations.

Till then we may have to feel the pain, hurt and feelings of disempowerment and heartbreak at various levels.

Bṛhat Samhitā States that an Eclipse occurring in the winter solstice is harmful to the Advisers, Ministers, Consultants, Intellectuals and the Rulers. Whereas the eclipse on the summer solstice is more harmful to Trading and working classes.


1.People with Moon in Jyestha, Aslesa or Revati ( Mercury ruled Nakshatras) will have an enormous transformations and changes or karmic issues coming to fore, with the Lunar Eclipse.

2.People with Sun, Moon or Lagna in Mrigashira, In Sidereal Gemini, will have huge transformations, maybe if it is the Sun , through health concerns (Like in case of Boris Johnson) who has Sun at 5 degrees Gemini. There is a distinct possibility that a few days before the eclipse he may come down with stress realted health issues.

3.If eclipse should occur in 19th Nakshatra – constellation from that in which Moon  was in one’s nativity, person will be afflicted with miseries, if he should fail to perform the requisite expiatory rites;


Eclipses are great times for starting the spiritual meditative chants or even a home ceremony with a sankalapa – resolve of will to hone in on the issues that you have been pre-occupied by and go towards conflict resolution. If done in an empowered way, it is guaranteed to yeild results!

As per Brhat Samhita :-

It may be some relief to the monotony of what has preceded to append here a description of certain ceremonies for the expiation of evil effects of eclipses. In lunar eclipses those persons will suffer in Rasi of whose nativity in which Surya Sun & Moon Chandra happens to be eclipsed.

Again that person will also suffer in whose Lagna or Nakshatra Surya Sun or Chandra Moon is eclipsed.

it therefore behoves a person to avert evil effects of an eclipse by gifts, by fire ceremonies, by worship of Devas, by Japa and by (eclipse) ceremonial ablutions.

PLEASE NOTE : For people who cannot afford this sort of remedy, just chanting the Mrityunjaya Mantra is suffiicient.

Another Mantra by Pandit Sanjay Rath is a Vishnu Mantra, as below :

He should get a serpent made of gold or flour and present it to Brahmins on the day of eclipse. He shall then recite Mrityunjaya and other well known Mantras. As all Devas are present on the occasion of an eclipse, Mantras or Japas ought not to be recited or performed while eclipse progresses but only when eclipse begins to decline and terminate, though, during the former period new Mantras may be learnt.

As regards the ablutions above referred to, we quote from Matsyapurana: That person, in Lagna of whose nativity an eclipse occurs, ought to bathe in the water purified nd chant the mantra while bathing.


An eclipse is a highly potent time in Hindu Dharma Shastra. Any activity or offerings made during the Eclipse it multiplies and sees multifold benefits. A good deed you do will multiply by many times. This is the best time to earn and multiply your Punya (merits) in your spiritual karmic account.

These are Snana (Bath beginning of eclipse), Japa (mantra chanting), Tarpana (oblations to ancestors) and Danam Charitable donations in form of nominal amount to institutions etc.

At least TWICE bath is mandatory.

Once while going into the eclipse. Here between 3:45 – 4:47 am BST , then around 6:40 am and definitely without failing at 9:34 am . (while coming out of it). BLUE highlighted are UK timings.

In the UK, the timings given by the Time & Date website is as below:

When the Eclipse Happens Worldwide — Timeline

The eclipse starts at one location and ends at another. The times below are actual times (in UTC) when the eclipse occurs.This Surya Grahana will last for a total duration of 3 hours 28mins.

Event UTC Time Time in New Delhi*
First location to see the partial eclipse begin 21 Jun, 03:45:58 21 Jun, 09:15:58
First location to see the full eclipse begin 21 Jun, 04:47:45 21 Jun, 10:17:45
Maximum Eclipse 21 Jun, 06:40:04 21 Jun, 12:10:04
Last location to see the full eclipse end 21 Jun, 08:32:17 21 Jun, 14:02:17
Last location to see the partial eclipse end 21 Jun, 09:34:01 21 Jun, 15:04:01

As per Vedic Scriptures, during Grahana (Eclipse) perfoming Mantra Japa (repetition of mantras) will fetch you immense benefits. Typically, roughlly  1 japa/jap of a mantra you do in this period will be equal to chanting the mantra 1,00,000 times. 1 time = 1,00,000 times.

This Grahana is a special one called Choodamani Grahana which multiplies this to 100,00,000 and more.!


All people who have been initiated into the Gayatri Mantra can use this time for japa (repetition) of Gayatri Mantra. For all others, inititation by a Guru in a particular  moola mantra, you should repeat it as much as possible. If no particular one is given the below ones, are very powerful way of harnessing the energy of the eclipses.

 दक्षिणामूर्ति ((Dakṣiṇāmūrti)) is an aspect of Shiva as a guru (teacher) of all types of knowledge and bestower of jnana. This aspect of Shiva is his personification as the supreme or the ultimate conscious awareness, understanding and supreme knowledge.

Om namo Bhagavate Dakshinamorrthiye


During Surya Grahana all of us will get an impurity which is 12 hours before the the Grahana occurs. So from this time, that is 12 hours before, Refrain from eating anything, and you should remain fasting till it ends. For the elderly, sick, children, people on medication pregnant women there is a relaxation given some leeway.


Leftovers, discarded food, food kept in the fridge and consumed the next day is prohibited! No cooking should be done.

Question arises for  about certain food items which we keep for days of months. Like pickle, Ghee, butter, milk, rice etc. On these items you should put 2-3 Durvra grass/kusha/tulsi to protect it from the negative effects of the eclipse and you can use them, and they need not be thrown.


People with Moon in Jyestha (Scorpio), Aslesa (Cancer) or Revati (Pisces) ( Mercury ruled Nakshatras), as well as Dhanista(Capricorn-Aquarius) and Chitra (Virgo-Libra) Nakshatras will have an enormous transformations and changes or karmic issues coming to fore, People with Sun, Moon or Lagna in Mrigashira In Sidereal Gemini, and to an extent, Ardra Nakshatra.

These people born in these stars should, after their bath change to dry clothes and do one more additional ritual for protection. This is only for people born in the above birth stars and not for all. They should take fresh white piece of cloth and they need to write the below “Janma Nakshatra Raksha Mantra/slokam”

|| जन्म नक्षत्र रक्षा श्लोकम् ||

इन्द्रो अनलो दण्डधारश्च रूक्षा: ।
पाशायुधो वायु कुबेर ईशाः ।।
कुर्वन्तु सर्वे मम् जन्म रक्षा ।
राशिस्थ सूर्यग्रहण दोष शान्तिम् ।।

|| Janma Nakshatra Raksha Sloka ||

Indra analo dandadharascha Rukshaha |
PASAyudho vAyu kubera Eshaha ||
Kurvantu sarve mama janma raksha |
Rashistha Surya grahana dosha ShAntim ||

After 11 to 108 times chanting of this Janma Nakshatra Raksha Mantra, they can now start Mantra Japa of their ishta (favourite/likeable) mantra as highlighted earlier. This will give you Mantra Siddhi. ( Excerpts from Ved Ghosam FACEBOOK VedGhosam) –

Sent / Contributions by Swamini Brahmaprajnanda

Dakshinamoorthi Stotram

From Brhat Samhita for Remedy of Eclipses.

On the occasion of eclipse he shall adorn 4 Brahmins with garlands of white flowers and with white sandal paste; he shall fix 4 pots in 4 places near each other and he shall bring earth from places frequented by elephants, by horses, by chariots and by cows and from anthills and from before the entrance to the palaces of kings as well as from deep waters, and throw earth into water pots; he shall also put into the water Panchagavya 100, pearls, yellow pigment, lotus, conch shell, a piece of crystal, white sandal paste, mustard seed, aricanuts, fragrant root of the plant Andropogon Muricatus and the resin bdellium (exudation of Amyris Agallowchum); he shall then invoke Devas into the pots. Brahmins shall then say aloud, “May all the seas, rivers, and other waters come into these pots for purification of our Master.” Brahmins shall then invoke, by their respective Mantras, Devas presiding over 8 points of the compass. They shall also invoke into the pots the deities presiding over all creatures and things, with or without motion, in 3 worlds as well as Brahma, Vishnu and Surya. They shall also chant verses from Rik, Yajus and Sama Vedas. The pots also shall have threads tied round their necks and adorned with white flowers and white pasta. Master shall then be bathed with the charmed waters; after bathing Master shall present cloths and cows to Brahmins and worship his favorite gods. At the commencement of eclipse Brahmins shall tie, over Master’s head, a cloth containing bits of 5 precious gems and a gold plate with Mantras inscribed in it. The gold plate shall then be presented to Brahmins.



Santi Mantra

ॐ आप्यायन्तु ममाङ्गानि वाक्प्राणश्चक्षुः
श्रोत्रमथो बलमिन्द्रियाणि च सर्वाणि ।
सर्वं ब्रह्मौपनिषदं
माऽहं ब्रह्म निराकुर्यां मा मा ब्रह्म
निराकरोदनिराकरणमस्त्वनिराकरणं मेऽस्तु ।
तदात्मनि निरते य
उपनिषत्सु धर्मास्ते मयि सन्तु ते मयि सन्तु ।
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

oṃ āpyāyantu mamāṅgāni vākprāṇaścakṣuḥ
śrotramatho balamindriyāṇi ca sarvāṇi |
sarvaṃ brahmaupaniṣadaṃ
mā’haṃ brahma nirākuryāṃ mā mā brahma
nirākarodanirākaraṇamastvanirākaraṇaṃ me’stu |
tadātmani nirate ya
upaniṣatsu dharmāste mayi santu te mayi santu |
oṃ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ śāntiḥ ||

May my limbs, speech, vital breath,eyes, ears, as also my strength and all the senses grow vigorous.All this is the Absolute (Brahman) referered to in the Upanishads.May I never negate the absolute. May the absolute never negate me.May there be no negating.May there be no negating in me.Let those basic tenets enunciated in the Upanishads, rest in the Self.

Let them be in Me. Aum Peace! Peace! Peace!


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