Rahu-Ketu gochara of Cancer-Capricorn Influence for all Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Journey through Jyotish

Jyotish, in Sanskrit, translates as ‘shining light’. Its etymological meaning is giving the Light of knowledge from the Sun. Literally, to become ‘illuminated’ with the gift of foresight. This is the special power of Sun God Savitur to see beyond what is.

Jyotish or Hindu Astrology forms a minor yet significant part of the ‘Vedas’ which are among the oldest Sanskrit scriptures and have survived for over 5,000 years. The origin of this sacred wisdom is said to have been received by the ancient sages in the form of ‘knowing’. This is best understood as being conveyed through a kind of cosmic consciousness, with no human intervention.

Almost all world religions – ancient and modern – have parallels with aspects of Vedic Cosmology.

Indeed, as the famous Danish physicist and Nobel Prize winner, Niels Bohr (1885-1962) once remarked, “I go into the Upanishads to ask questions.” Both, Bohr and Erwin Schrödinger, founding fathers of quantum physics, observed that their scientific experiments were influenced by the Vedas. Likewise, Robert OppenheImer, often called the father of the nuclear bomb, was clearly enamoured by Vedic literature, declaring that, “Access to the Vedas is the greatest privilege this century may claim over all previous centuries.”

Human Subconscious and its Connection to Rahu-Ketu?

All Vedic knowledge has at its heart a deep-seated drive towards self-realisation. While this may sound like talking in bumper stickers, inherent in Jyotish cosmology is the idea that human beings are vibrational energies. By altering these vibrational energies, negative thought patterns that form part of our karmic script can be rooted out.

However, we inevitably attract what is within our subconscious. So, no matter how often we subscribe to the power of positive thinking or affirmative aphorisms, the enlightened path and consistent bliss that we readily intuit as our birthright, eludes us.Long before Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung gave us foundations of Psychotherapy, the Vedas (Vedic Astrology) had already explored the dark, demonic forces lurking within the subconscious mind.

This shadow our psyche is represented by ‘Rahu-Ketu’ in Vedic Astrology. The Myth of Rahu-Ketu epitomises human nature. The North node (Rahu) and the South node (Ketu) of the Moon signify birth, life and death itself.

Nature of Time and the Age of Discontentment

According to Vedas, we are in the fourth phase of the ‘Kali yuga‘ which, literally, means ‘Dark age’. We are stuck in this era of time for about 1,000 divine years or equal to 432,000 earthly years! So, what does it all mean?

The route to bliss and enlightenment in Kali Yuga is through the eye of the demonic storms of human darkness and conflict. No shortage of that these days!


Legendary Myth of Rahu-Ketu by Churning of Ocean floor for Immortality Nectar

Samudra Manthan or Churning of the Ocean floor for the Nectar of Immortality The Mystical Serpent Vasuki used as a rope by the Devas and the Asuras

Legend has it that the Asuras or demi gods, a group of malicious deities in the Hindu pantheon, were gaining power over the angelic Devatas. Despite the Devas fighting bravely and being successful, they felt threatened and went to Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the universe advised the Devas if they were to collaborate diplomatically with the Asuras, and churn the floor of the ocean to extract Amrita, the nectar of immortality. The nectar would bring them immeasurable powers of knowledge, untold fortunes and immortality.

When they began their collaboration with the Asuras and the Serpent King Vasuki, the Devas withheld this divine secret. Churning of the Ocean of Milk was an inconceivably elaborate process. Mount Mandara was used as the churning rod and Vasuki served as the churning rope with the Devas on one end of the serpent King Vasuki and the Asuras at the tail. The process began vigorously and, as a result, the ocean floor began to sink down.

Due to the churning of the Milk Ocean, gallons of poison called Halahala was produced from the ocean. A poison so toxic that it could wipe out the entire manifest creation, which terrified the Devas and Asuras, alike.

Lord Shiva drinking the poison that came out while churning of the ocean. A reminder that Shiva is the only cosmic deity that can take away all the negative toxins generated by humanity.


On the advice of Vishnu, the Devas sought Lord Shiva for help and protection. Out of compassion for the living entities, Shiva drank the poison, which was so potent that it changed the colour of his neck to blue. For this reason, Shiva is also called Neelakantha, the blue-necked one, Neela means ‘blue’ and Kantha means ‘throat’.

Consequently, there are some very powerful Vedic Mantras of Lord Shiva used to heal for physical ailments and mental health issues, as he alone has the power to take away the toxic poisons generated by our psyche. But I digress…

Fourteen different valuable power giving goodies or treasures came out of the the ocean floor while churning, and these were mostly kept by Devas, although the Asuras hatched a plan and did tryto cheat them out of some treasures.

Dhanvantari, the heavenly physician, emerged from the Ocean of Milk with a pot containing the Amrita, the nectar and soon fierce fighting for it started between the Devas and Asuras. Soon the Asuras, including the Serpent Vasuki, had some of the nectar and began drinking it.This sent alarm bells ringing amongst the Devas. Angered because of the deception, Lord Vishnu, then took the form of beautiful and enchanting damsel, Mohini to distract the Asuras and Vasuki the serpent from drinking the Nectar of immortality and powers.Meanwhile, Sun God, Surya and the Moon God, Chandra noticed that Vasuki the serpent was not particularly distracted as other Asuras were, who quietly began drinking part of the immortality nectar.Hence the Sun and Moon gave heads up to Mohini, beautiful damsel, disguised as none other than Lord Vishnu himself. Vishnu swiftly with his discus cut the giant Vasuki. Alas, Vasuki had scoffed enough the nectar enough to make him immortal and cut in two, the head part of the serpent king became known as Rahu and the tail end as Ketu.se their deception had been detected, the two new entities (Rahu and Ketu) vowed that they would always eclipse the Sun and the Moon. As a constant reminder, of the greed, deception, disguise and unbridled ambition of the Rahu, the head of Serpent, it would forever be with us in human consciousness. Rahul and Ketu would remain in the skies as a permanent reminder to the other planets (gods) of the darker side of life, which we must defeat in the pursuit of immortality.

Lord Vishnu disguised himself in the form of beautiful and enchanting damsel, Mohini to distract the Asuras

Treasures coming out of the churning of the ocean

Rahu – North Node represents our conscious desires, fears, hidden dark emotions, transformations, manipulations, alien, foreign, maverick, breaking boundaries, undeserved and the unearned. Rahu the North Node of the Moon, head of Vasuki

Ketu – South Node is the non-entity, the spiritual mystic, wanderer, unconscious desires, detachments, ethereal and other worldly realms. It is indeed the ‘moksha karaka’ or enlightenment/nirvana significant

This gives us a landmark clue as to our perpetual discontentment and disillusionment. The placement of Moon’s nodes, as represented bring the biggest challenges and lesson of our lives. Their purpose is to egg us on to look beyond our comfort zones. Rahu creates enough irritation, deception, shock and mischief in the house it lands in while Ketu will automatically get us to detach, wander, diffuse and push us into a dream and other altered states.

Yet Rahu with his great longing and overarching greed can be stabilised if it is found in the 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses from the natal Moon or Ascendant. Rahu rules Aquarius along with Saturn, and is at home in the sign of Gemini, Virgo and very well placed in Taurus. Up to a point it’s not too bad in Pisces either, but fares terribly in Scorpio and Sagittarius, signs of its fall and ill placement.

On the other hand, Ketu works splendidly in the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th house from the Moon and Ascendant. It co-rules the sign of Scorpio and is found to do brilliantly in the signs of Pisces, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Virgo to

Ketu’s symbol is dwaja or the red flag, and depicts the classic spiritual warriors. It is the only point in the chart where authentic bliss and salvation is to be found.

What Ketu diffuses and dissolves, no force or planet can undo its effect. Hence in Jyotisha, it is the point of complete freedom and salvation. If there is one ‘planet’ we want on our side, it is Ketu. Often the planetary periods of Ketu will bring much strife, loss and dissolution of boundaries, and material challenges. Still, if one chooses to embrace the greater import and take up the spiritual challenges, it can open pathways that are so powerful that all loss feels a mere drop in the ocean!

Rahu-Ketu Axis: Advent into Cancer-Capricorn Signs

 They will be entering the Cancer-Capricorn axis on 21st August 2017 and will stay there till 7th March 2019.

Rahu going into Cancer in August 2017 will affect us all in significant ways, as the Moon, its ruler, is fast moving and traverses through two of the three most auspicious Nakshatras, viz Punarvasu and Pushya.

Ketu in Capricorn, in Mars’ exaltation sign will do much better than Rahu, as Ketu is akin to Mars.

So, if you have planets in the nakshatras of Capricorn (UttaraAsadha, Shravana and Dhanista) then this is a time for letting go of things that have worn out their usefulness and to begin the process of rebuilding in a much more authentic and holistic manner.

Capricorn rules institutions and somehow, rather than holding on to the status quo, you will be quite happy to dissolve structures. The signs most affected will be Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Find your Vedic Moon and Lagna/ Rising for Free

The following is based on Sun, Moon sign or your Rising sign using the Sidereal Zodiac. The Western Signs are different to the Sidereal Zodiac Signs.

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Kartikeya,Son of Lord Shiva, God of War

Aries, Mesha


Sun in Vedic Aries (Born between April 15th to May 15th) or Moon Sign or Rising Sign in Aries

Aries you are always super focused. This is one of your strongest traits. Being ruled by Mars, you will tend to relax and be slightly laidback as Rahu is in your 4th house of cancer. Yet you have a great ability to swoop in, and take real action. All things to do with the 4th house such as home, family, real estate, your personal happiness is in focus now. There may be unexpected developments in this arena. It will create a few disturbances. You will have to fire fight some of the issues in these areas, and it may have effect on your health. So, do take care and make time for relaxation, healthy cooking and exercise regime.

With the ketu (its opposite point of Rahu) is in the 10th house, you may detach yourself from career matters. Keep an eye on all real estate/property matters.

Lord Parasurama, for Taurus


 Sun in Vedic Taurus (Born between May 15th to June 16th) or Moon Sign or Rising Sign in Taurus 

Rahu is now in your 3rd house of communication, short travels, journeys, promotions and public relations. You will flourish in these areas, as Rahu does exceedingly well in this house. So, you will come into your own. You may be tempted to start some entrepreneurial ventures over this time. You may go on a drive of promoting it and may have quite a vision. It’s like you are living life to the edge and are exhilarated by it.While Ketu, its opposite will be in your house of spirituality, parental male figureheads, higher education, long distance sojourns. Ketu will make you detached with the concerns mentioned above. So, you may be slightly wary of travelling too far and wide. You may choose instead to do shorter trips. For people who are on university courses, you may yearn for a break from it all, so perhaps find a divergent activity, rather than giving it up, and regretting your hasty decision.


Sun in Gemini or Moon or Lagna/Rising

Rahu is going to transit the 2nd house of food, voice, earned wealth and income coming in. You may be tempted to try new foods or alter your dietary habits. Do try on a new diet, or a lifestyle. Do be careful of your words and language you use. For Gemini Moon and rising, it is a common feature, that what comes out of your mouth lands you in trouble. Please be aware of this aspect of your nature and psyche and more so now.  Observe caution with finances and speculations.

Also, Ketu, will be in the 8th house, so lot of your obstacles or ongoing concerns will fall away. People or situations who had posed as stresses will have a way of resolving. So that will be a definitive relief.

Sun in Cancer or Moon or Lagna/Rising

This is your time to come into your own. Rahu in your sign will push you into breaking new ground, grand new ways of taking action. You will feel that you are being lot more assertive in remarkable ways. People who have known you, will notice a distinct change.

Joint ventures will have a crazy, non-conforming quality. You will be driven to make yourself more special and in lot of ways, seeking the limelight. You will have a sort of a buzz going on in your head, as Rahu is in your 1st house, signifying your body and specifically your head. So, make sure in order to keep up with all the myriad of ideas popping in your head, you do not wear yourself out or develop migraines.

While, ketu in your 7th house of contracts and relationships of all kinds, this area will go through massive upheaval. Whether you are single or spoken for, this will be your main play area over the next 18 months. Previously, in relationships, you may have been taken for granted, but not any longer.

Sun in Leo or Moon or Lagna/Rising : Rahu is in your area of long distance travel, being abroad, large institutions, retreats and meditative states. You will want to travel abroad for extended periods of time, for work or pleasure.

Whether travelling solo or with partners, one thing is assured, you will want to spend more time, rejuvenating yourself in yoga / spa retreats. There may be some niggling health issues that will surface, so ideal time to create a rejuvenating ritual every day and ensure you are disciplined to stay the course. You may get disheartened on the job front and steer clear of people who create trouble for you. This is not the time to engage in a good old’ fight, but quite the contrary.

Lay down your arms and retreat to a meditative/spiritual practice routine. Your partners may or may not join you, but you have to do this for your mental and physical wellbeing over this period. Some of the partnerships that survive will be supportive, do cherish and appreciate them, as they will see you through. Do be prepared for the opposite to happen as well.

Virgo, Kanya, deity Mitra

Sun in Virgo or Moon or Lagna/Rising (Mercury Ruled):

Rahu is in your 11th house of gains, hopes and wishes, dreams, social and friend networks, the world at large. This is a great placement for Rahu combined with the fact that Virgo’s secondary ruler is Rahu. So, it will give excellent results in your work life and gains. Past couple of years have not been great, and you are most likely to not just make up for almost all of the losses, but actually begin to dream of gains. This is a time to cast the net far and wide with skill and expertise at managing projects, that you are so famous for.

Keep up with your optimism and work methodically, as this is a fabulous time for things you had only dreamt of.

Meanwhile, do not ignore your children if you have any, as you may be spinning on wheels over this period. So, do be efficient which is such a great characteristic of your sign, so the young ones feel less neglected.

Libra Sun or Moon or Ascendant (Venus ruled): Rahu is in your 10th house of social standing, career, political office and regal assignments, so you will shine like a bright star. Do be ambitious and aim high, as you will not be disappointed. Also, by the end of October, Saturn will move out of Scorpio and into the sign of Sagittarius. From then on you will really come into your own. Your sign benefits from the transits of Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, liberating you from all the past anxieties and tribulations. Combined, they direct you toward a path of satisfying achievements.

If you’re inclined at times to descend into despondency and negative thinking, then you really do pull yourself together. This period will give you all the energy, opportunity and luck that you will need. Often it will come about from unexpected quarters, so be ready.Ketu in your 4th house of house and happiness will possibly feel like there are sails under your feet as you are like to find that you are seldom at home! No doubt busy after work partying with the movers and shakers of your profession.

Scorpio, Vrischik, deity Antaka/Lord Yama

Scorpio Sun or Moon or Ascendant (Mars/Ketu Ruled):

Your co-ruler Ketu is in the 3rd. house from your sign. So, short trips although highlighted may lose their lustre for you. Instead, you may favour longer journeys across continents, with extended periods of time abroad. Be careful with travel, as there may be several impediments, such as heavy expenditure including a sense of slight discomfort to delayed plans to missed journeys. Do not panic, just take precautions and take it in your stride.

As Rahu is in your 9th house of Father, patriarchal figures, spiritual learnings, higher studies, universities and your overall good fortune. So, Rahu will bring these matters to forefront. You may aspire to a course that will be a stepping stone to something lot bigger. So, do follow and align with your passion, and you have plenty of that! Be empathetic to your Father/Elderly figure heads by listening to their wellbeing needs. As simple ways of compassion will lead to sowing seeds of good luck for the future.

Sagittarius , Dhanu Deity Vrsadhvaja

Sagittarius Sun or Moon or Ascendant (Jupiter Ruled): Sagittarius, your world over the next couple of years is about to be shaken in a significant way. For the first time in approximately 30 years, Saturn is back in your sign. This signifies a definitive letting go of people, situations, personal circumstances. This period will be tinged with a flavour of endings. Death-like themes will emerge before eventually beginning anew.

Rahu in the 8th house of transformations, inheritances, mystical teachings and occult sciences will bring sufficient progress provided you are able to embrace the hidden mysteries of life and death. Indeed, all things related to inheritances will be activated.

You will certainly need to reconcile yourself to a mixed bag of experiences, as you may have to lose some to gain some. Still, Ketu in your 2nd house of speech, food and finances is likely to engender a rather blasé attitude towards these life-changing events as they unfold. Hold tight for a disruptive and transformative 18 months ahead.


Capricorn, Makar, Deity Govinda

Capricorn Sun or Moon or Ascendant (Saturn Ruled):

Rahu is activating your 7th house of relationships of all kinds.

Rahu will bring huge waves of letting go in the realm of close alliances that do not serve any further purpose. Be very mindful of entering into new partnerships of any kind, whether intimate or business or personal.

As you may feel almost compelled to go in with great expectations in these matters. Yet, bear in mind, that truth and reality will be eventually be unveiled and unfold over the course of this period. Needless to say, you may be tad disappointed. To avoid this, do be a little mindful and conservative, that your sign is so famous for. And you will be able to begin again with renewed and realistic hopes!

Aquarius, Kumbha deity Madana Or Lord Shiva

Aquarius Sun or Moon or Ascendant (Saturn ruled):

Your ruler is in the sign of your enemy, the Moon. It will traverse your arena of discipline, enemies, obstacles through disease and debts. Be prepared for resolutions to come in these areas. Some of the challenges you may face, you will very rapidly resolve them in non-traditional ways. In lot of ways, Rahu’s presence here will guide you in making job switch or even starting something of your own, if you had been so inclined. You have his blessings!

After all, your sign is lorded by Rahu. So, he will assist in making all the material and work wise changes that you have been aspiring to.

Ketu is very much at home in your 12th house, so you will be able to find respite, relief and enough spiritual forbearance with all the issues that come up. In some ways, excellent time to take time off from of all your projects and check yourself into a retreat for meditation, yoga or simply some quiet time to unwind. Don’t underestimate the power of doing nothing.

Pisces, Meena Deity Bhima/Rudra

Pisces Sun or Moon or Ascendant (Jupiter ruled):

 Transiting Rahu is in your 5th house of children, creative ventures, love, entertainment and wholistic knowledge and key house for Children/students and Gurus. All things that you truly love will take now a front seat. You may overdo in some of these areas so do rein in.

If you are single you may harbour the feelings of meeting the significant other, feel free to enroll into an art class or a language, whatever takes your fancy. This is an excellent time to join courses that will give you a knowledge base and add value to your existing skills. This is a great time to bring out those personal creative ideas and give it an airing!

Your focus will be on yourself and you may feel a bit detached from large groups, even some of your friends or group activities.

Gochara or Transit of Rahu-Ketu signify the darker side of our nature which we need to overcome. Our inner emotions are like the ocean being churned. The conflict between our attachment to materialistic achievements (domain of Rahu) and liberation of the soul from all sorts of attachments and being able to  find bliss and tranquility which is eternal and everlasting (Ketu is as I mentioned earlier the signification for moksha or spiritual realisation).


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