What’s in Store for all signs when Jupiter Transit into Sidereal Libra Tula

Jupiter or Brihaspati, the Greatest of the Benefics will transit Gochara through Tula / Libra on September 12th 2017 till October 12th 2018

Jupiter enters Tula in the Nakshatra or the Fixed Star Constellation of Chitra on September 12th 2017.

It is said of the greatest of the Planet that there are not many ills that it cannot cure! Just take a look Astronomically,it is the largest planet in the solar system.

Jupiter Astronomically Speaking…

It is approximately 143,000 kilometers (about 89,000 miles) wide at its equator. Jupiter is so large that all of the other planets in the solar system could all fit well within it with room to spare! More than 1,300 Earths would fit inside Jupiter. When viewed from Earth, Jupiter is usually the second brightest planet in the night sky, after Venus.

“Of all the planets that circle the Sun, Giant Jupiter is the biggest one” (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/jupiter-big-orbit-sun-mass-a7866586.html)

The gas giant is indeed the largest planet in the solar system, weighing more than twice the mass of all the other planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and more combined. In Fact the Gas Giant Ball is so huge that it cannot really dance or orbit round the Sun.Jupiter is about 0.001 as massive than the sun, but it’s sizeable enough that both the sun and Jupiter orbit that point in space.

It has over 69  Moons orbiting it out of which 53 have been named officially by NASA.The planet Jupiter’s four largest moons are called the Galilean satellites after Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, who first observed them in 1610. The German astronomer Simon Marius claimed to have seen the moons around the same time, but he did not publish his observations and so Galileo is given the credit for their discovery. These large moons, named Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto, are each distinctive worlds. One of the Moons,Europa, its surface is mostly water ice, and there is evidence that it may be covering an ocean of water or slushy ice beneath. Europa is thought to have twice as much water as does Earth. This moon intrigues astrobiologists because of its potential for having a “habitable zone.” Life forms have been found thriving near subterranean volcanoes on Earth and in other extreme locations that may be analogues to what may exist on Europa.

Ganymede is the largest moon in the solar system (larger than the planet Mercury), and is the only moon known to have its own internally generated magnetic field.

Callisto’s surface is extremely heavily cratered and ancient — a visible record of events from the early history of the solar system. However, the very few small craters on Callisto indicate a small degree of current surface activity.

Enough on the Giganticsaurusness of the Brihaspati, or Jupiter. In the Vedas, Jupiter rules the Vedas along with Ketu. So indeed we now know that not just is it literally a huge awesome in its size strength and brightness but also metaphorically! Hence, in ancient India it is considered the greatest of benefic planets.Even more than the Moon or Venus or Sun. There is not much that Jupiter cannot battle with.Jupiter is the real representation of divinity in the chart, as he does the filtering and cleansing of thoughts because of which the Soul or Atma is capable of continued existence within the body. The Cleansing and Spiritual power of Jupiter is match for none, and it is for this reason alone that Jupiter gives long life and stop apamrityu death in its tracks and all sorts of evils. Hence it is a karaka for all the great houses, 2nd house of Food, Nourishment, voice, incomes, resources, 5th house of Mantra Sastra, knowledge, Guru Upadesha, house of learning and knowledge, 9th house of Dharma/Spirituality,father,Higher learning, 11th house of Dreams, Hopes Wishes, Networks , profits and gains Friends, Elder Siblings. To an extent even the 10th house of Career, Social status etc. It certainly has Digbala / greatest of Strength in Lagna/Ascendant.

So when it comes into the sign of Venus, Tula, where Venus’s home and Saturn’s exaltation and Sun’s debilitation, it feels ill at ease. Venus is the Guru of Asuras and is distinctively different to Jupiter’s sort of teaching and spirituality. Venus is the gift of Mrityuinjaya, or the secrets of Death and Mysticism. While Guru is about Scholarly, highly accomplished Devas and divine Spiritual Leader. So there ‘brands’ of themes are distinctly different. So Jupiter in Venus’s terrain will certainly not totally at home,  but will expand/grow no doubt. Lord Vishnu will surely get Jupiter to expand the house it lands in. Jupiter’s ethos is Higher Spiritual Consciousness.

Gochara / Transit of Jupiter from Lagna/Ascendant, From Moon Sign and  Sign of Jupiter Natally in the Natal / Rasi Chart

The way to read the transit of Jupiter in Libra, one has to look where it transits from the above 3 placements and see the Ashtakavarga points as well. Please If you want to find the details above mentioned see below.

Find your Vedic Moon, Natal Jupiter and Lagna/ Rising for Free

The following is based on Sun, Moon sign or your Rising sign using the Sidereal Zodiac. The Western Signs are different to the Sidereal Zodiac Signs.

If you would like to know your Moon or Rising/Ascendant Sign you may have to www.CircleofDivine.com/Your-Planets

So there are 3 ways we will look at the Transit of Jupiter.

  1. By Transit of the Moon Sign. Jupiter best aspect / dhristi is for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Lagnas/Moon Rashi’s or signs it will be in trikona (Trine from). Hence lot of the problems, may feel more manageable and far less challenging. So if you want to know your Vedic Moon Sign please follow the link above.
  2. By Transit to the Rising /Ascendant/Lagna : Here again Jupiter in Trines to your Ascendant will give you a feeling a well-being, even though Jupiter is not the best planet for you. For e.g Libra Rising, Venus is in dire opposite to Jupiter’s ethos and energy. Yet the problems posed by these houses feel less dauting.
  3. Transit to the Natal Jupiter in your Rasi (D1) Chart. And to an extent transit through your natal jupiter sign, trines houses. Houses 6th, 8th and 12th may create slight issues, through health , debts or losses respectively.


Find your Vedic Moon and Lagna/ Rising and Natal Jupiter for Free
The following is based on Sun, Moon sign or your Rising sign using the Sidereal Zodiac. The Western Signs are different to the Sidereal Zodiac Signs.If you would like to know your Moon or Rising/Ascendant Sign you may have to www.CircleofDivine.com/Your-Planets

Kartikeya,Son of Lord Shiva, God of War

 Sun in Vedic Aries (Born between April 15th to May 15th) or Moon Sign or Rising Sign in Aries

Aries you are always super focused. This is one of your strongest traits. Being ruled by Mars, your neutral opposite Venus house is being triggered by Jupiter. Jupiter is a fantastic planet for Aries, so Jupiter’s transit through the 7th house will bring lot of good fortune coming from relationships/partnerships, business or otherwise. You may expand your networks and travel, expansion with business or other partners is on cards.

Lord Parasurama, for Taurus


 Sun in Vedic Taurus (Born between May 15th to June 16th) or Moon Sign or Rising Sign in Taurus 

Taurus Moon/Lagna, the Lord of 8th House, that is a dire malefic, transiting the 6th house of disease, enemies and pets! So in a way, there is a positive twist to a not so great situation. Though it will still have a very 6th house flavour, bring minor health issues. Do pay attention and enroll into a discipline of some kind, that will help you tide over the difficult times.This yoga from the Moon, is Sakata yoga, so there will be a few ups and downs.


Sun in Gemini or Moon or Lagna/Rising

Jupiter is in your 5th of children, knowledge, mantras etc. It rules the 7th house of Bhadaka and the 10th Lord. So will bring with it a few obstacles. Yet there will be plenty of new opportunities for Jobs and luck in borrowing. As the 10th lord is 8th from it. So it will open up avenues for new things.Writing and all sorts of entertainments will bring great expansions.5th House is good fortune coming from purva punya or past lifetimes.


Sun in Cancer or Moon or Lagna/Rising

Moon or Rising Sign in Cancer will have the most wonderful time of their lives! they will be able to work from home and yet have plenty of Jobs and all sorts of opportunities knocking at their door. 6th Lord of health, discipline will egg you on to take care and work out a disciplined way of working. Perhaps from home. Or divide your time between home, family and travelling. Take on new projects that involve travel and take big breaks at home. Or Even better, make changes or sell and buy home. Or buy a new home at a foreign  country.Working from home or buying a pet that you always wanted may bring about a change in routines.

Sun in Leo or Moon or Lagna/Rising

Jupiter transiting your 3rd house of communications, PR, all those themes will be active. Jupiter rules your 5th house, so things regards children, entertainment expressing yourself creatively will go swimmingly well. Your debts etc may ease up and you may find it easy to pay off or find other avenues/sources of income to pay them off.

Virgo, Kanya, deity Mitra

Sun in Virgo or Moon or Lagna/Rising (Mercury Ruled):

Jupiter is transiting your 2nd house,that rules food, family, use of your voice, incomes, resources . So naturally it will expand these areas of your life and as Jupiter rules the arena of relationships , homes and happiness, you may find yourself feeling good about all of these matters. Do be aware that for Virgo as with Gemini, the natural badhaka is Jupiter, so he will also bring a few relationship challenges.

Libra Sun or Moon or Ascendant (Venus ruled): Saturn will move out of Scorpio and into the sign of Sagittarius. From then on you will really come into your own. So, the Jupiter transit on your ascendant is a double bonus. Even though it rules not so great houses, especially the house of debt, disease, yet through research and disciplined routine you can overcome them, And it will certainly protect you!

Scorpio, Vrischik, deity Antaka/Lord Yama

Scorpio Sun or Moon or Ascendant (Mars/Ketu Ruled):

Jupiter is a fantastic planet for Scorpio lagna’s, as it rules extremely favourable house, ruling the 5th and the 2nd. So all matters foreign will favour you as it is in the house of bed pleasures, long distance travel etc.

Sagittarius , Dhanu Deity Vrsadhvaja

Sagittarius Sun or Moon or Ascendant (Jupiter Ruled): Sagittarius, your world over the next couple of years is about to be shaken in a significant way. For the first time in approximately 30 years, Saturn is back in your sign. This signifies a definitive letting go of people, situations, personal circumstances. This period will be tinged with a flavour of endings. Death-like themes will emerge before eventually beginning anew.

Keeping in mind the above themes, Jupiter is in your 11th house of gains, hopes and wishes, dreams, social and friend networks, the world at large. So, it will give excellent results in your work life and gains. Past couple of years have not been great, and you are most likely to not just make up for almost all of the losses, and of course do expect a few too. But it will also bring with it hope for the future. This is a time to cast the net far and wide with skill and expertise at managing projects, that you are so famous for. Keep up with your optimism and work methodically, as this is a fabulous time to lay foundation for things you had only dreamt of.


Capricorn, Makar, Deity Govinda

Capricorn Sun or Moon or Ascendant (Saturn Ruled):

Jupiter is activating your 10th house of career, social status and how you are seen in the world at large.

Combined with the fact that not just Jupiter is activating the best kendra, the 10th house, but Rahu-Ketu is activating your Lagna and 7th house. Rahu will bring huge waves of letting go in the realm of close alliances that do not serve any further purpose. Be very mindful of entering into new partnerships of any kind, whether intimate or business or personal.

For you, all the Kendras/Angular house is getting activated in a huge way, as is the case with Cancer rising people. So you may find yourself making massive changes that have effect across where you live, whom you live with and what job/career you do!

Aquarius, Kumbha deity Madana Or Lord Shiva

Aquarius Sun or Moon or Ascendant (Saturn ruled):

Jupiter is in trines to your sign, from the 9th house of long distance travel, father figures, higher consciousness and learning. So you are going to get ambitious from enrolling into a course to seeking out knowledge and of course laying foundation for next step of Karma in your life.

Pisces, Meena Deity Bhima/Rudra

Pisces Sun or Moon or Ascendant (Jupiter ruled):

 Transiting Jupiter is in your 8th house of death, transformations and sudden shocking events. This is an intense house and your Lagna lord going in there is pivotal. You may take out a joint mortagages/joint resources, money matters, Bank lending and borrowing, debts.

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